2018-05-17 11:30 #0 by: Evelina

My abdominal tear is healed after around a month! Finally, I can get back to my yoga and strength training routine. Laughing I also gained like 7 pounds haha, oopsies! Laughing out loud

Yesterday, I went to a vinyasa class and the day before a pilates/yoga class. I've been riding my road bike which is hooked up onto an indoor trainer, for about 10-20 minutes each time so I can get my butt used the saddle. And since the weather has been so nice and my public transportation card went out (lol), I have been walking everywhere! Woohoo!

I'm fixing my commuter bike so that I can ride that around this summer. It's a vintage Peugeot 1983 super sport with all the original stuff. I just put new tires and tubes on it, fixed the spokes, took off the chain and cleaned it, cleaned the gears, installed a new seat, and removed the unnecessary things that were weighing the bike down. Now I am waiting for the brake wires and housing to come in the mail so I can redo that, and realign the caliber brakes. Laughing

I have also started to track my food nutrition on the My fitness pal and Under Amor app so I can stay focused. 

Do you have any health/exercise related activities or goals going on in your life?