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2018-11-27 11:22

Fit Guide 1 & 2 by Hanna Öberg

Hanna Öberg is a Swedish fitness model and influencer. I decided to purchase her 12 week program on Black Friday for about 330kr. Ive been wanting to start going to the gym again for awhile now in order to incorporate weight lifting into my fitness schedule. 

Prior to this, I did group bodyweight strength training workouts at the yoga studio that I attend. These classes are great, but I have been wanting to mix it up a bit. 

The training program is 5x a week. 

Day 1: Quads, and Glutes 

Day 2: Shoulders, Triceps and abs 

Day 3: Hamstrings and Glutes 

Day 4: Chest and Biceps 

Day 5: Back and Abs 

However, since I would like to keep practicing Ashtanga, I am going to combine the days into 3. 

So I'm going to do Ashtanga on Mondays, Day 1 and 2 on Tuesdays, Day 4 plus Abs and HIIT on Wednesdays, and Day 3 and 5 minus Abs on Thursdays, Ashtanga or a group class on Fridays,  and a group class on Saturdays. Sundays will be my off day. 

I just got back from the gym, I did day 1 and 2, which honestly wasn't too bad to combine into one day. It took a little more than 2 hours since its a new gym for me and new workouts. So I am hoping with time the workout won't take as long. 

Have you tried this workout program before? What are your thoughts?

2018-11-27 22:00

I wish had your motivation! Good luck with it!

All the best, Leia

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2018-11-28 01:46

Good luck! The only thing I have experience of here is HIIT. Although really it wasn't for too long as I lost motivation. The main thing for me was it was quick, and I could do it as soon as I woke up, with little equipment, but in your case being at the gym you will have much more at your disposal!

2018-11-28 09:43

#1 you just have to want to do it! It’s as simple as that. Once you start, your body sort of becomes addicted to the endorphins that your body receives when exercising. That good feeling you get, combined with your body and mind getting stronger is just the icing on the cake so to speak! 😊🏋🏼‍♀️💪🏼👊🏽

2018-11-28 22:41

#3 it’s just getting past that first hurdle is my problem, I’m very lazy 😂😂

All the best, Leia

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2019-01-10 23:58

I finished the guide 1 and half of guide 2! 😊

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