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2018-11-14, 20:11

Has anyone tried Gymshark clothing?

Instagram is full of female fitness models rocking Gymshark fitness wear. Its known for their sculpted tights, which tend to make the models’ booty’s really accentuated. 🍑 I wondering about the quality, if they squat proof, and if the lighter colors show sweat marks. Lemme know below! 👇 https://www.gymshark.com They are more expensive than stores that offer fitness wear, but don’t specialize in it. They are cheaper than adidas, Nike, and Lululemon however.

2018-11-16, 10:49

They are going to have a black friday sale on the 19th of Nov I believe! Everything will be 70% off. Shh

2018-11-18, 14:09

I was wrong select things will be 70% off. Newer things will be 20-40% off. It starts at 16:00 in Sweden and 15:00 in the UK. 🙂

2018-11-19, 23:08

Gymshark was quite big in the UK for a while, so the quality must be quite good? For any fitness related things I typically stay loyal to Nike however, due to their stuff lasting longer than any of the other brands I tried.

2018-11-20, 08:10

It’s getting really big here in Sweden and the US as well. All of the reviews I’ve watched seem to agree that the quality is really top of its kind. Im lucky because I am one of thee few who was able to order a good amount of gymshark items from the blackout sale. I read that shortly after it opened, the website crashed and all the sizes were sold out. But I was able to get 2 sports bras, two leggings and a ballet top all for 50-70% off. 🙌🏼 I feel like it was a perfect time to try out the clothing for a fraction of the original price. I actually prefer Adidas over Nike for several reasons. Mainly I think the sizing of Nike is all over the place, which sucks for people like me who order everything online.

2018-11-20, 22:14

They are some amazing deals! I actually saw them advertising some Black Friday deals on Instagram earlier as well, although I imagine most of the good stuff is gone by now.

I prefer Adidas trainers for definite, but generally Nike worked well for me when I used to play football! I must have lucked out on the sizing front, haha

2018-11-21, 08:54

Maybe it’s just the women’s sizing for the tights then 🙄 haha

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