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2018-03-21 20:57

Yoga with your kids

A tip if you have kids, try doing yoga with them sometimes. My doughter love to workout with me and we normally do yoga as a warmup. Just remember when you train with kids, it's supposed to be fun so if your kid starts doing something else or can't do a pose right, just roll with it. I normally do most poses with her climbing on me or things like that. Also remember to take it slow and to be safe. If you have to end a pose early, do so. We normally do this one, it's one of my doughers faborite

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2018-03-23 18:39

I don't have any kids but we have cats that like to lay on our mats when we practice haha.

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2018-03-24 22:57

Thats really nice! The yoga studio I go to in the US has yoga kid classes. They also also kids in some of the adult classes to when the parent is present. I wish we were able to take yoga in school as a form of exercise. I was not into sports or running so I was a very unmuscular kid haha.

2018-06-22 17:20

My nephew's after school care  practices yoga and meditation techniques with their students which is pretty cool. They allow the parents to join as well if they wish!

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