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2018-04-15, 16:41

Practising jump-through, floating and jump-back

I have been trying to work on my transitions since I feel a bit slow going through my vinyasa. I am wondering if anyone has any tips? 

When I am at home, I use thick dictionaries to easily be able to lift myself through the transitions, and I am working on kicking up into a handstand. However, I am not graceful enough to do this sort of thing in class. I am sticking to practising in my living room for now.

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2018-06-27, 05:43

I have been trying really hard to focus on these transitions in my practise and now that it has been a month or so, I can definitely feel some improvement!

2018-07-16, 23:04

#4 Do you lift any arm weights to build muscle? I feel so weak when trying to hold up all of my weight.

2018-07-17, 11:54

During vinyasas I cross my legs (into lotus if I can) and push down with my palms into the ground to try to hold me whole body off the floor. I do this 5 times every vinyasa. I think it helps, and suprisingly it has to do more with your core strength so make sure to keep your belly tight while doing it. Another thing I do is sit on the floor with my legs straight out in from of me and my arms at my side. I press through my palms and try to lift my butt and legs off the ground and I do this several times too. It sounds easy but wait until you try it! And you get a fast response from your body, you'll see if you keep doing it for several weeks!

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