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2017-08-17 12:33

Back to Ashtanga Class!

Tonight is the first time I'll be practising Ashtanga in… a month and a half? I'm going to a Hot Ashtanga class and I hope I don't die. Laughing out loud

I had to take a break from yoga because I've been having pain in my neck, back and right shoulder and collarbone. This didn't happen from yoga directly but I had to take a break in order to make sure that it wasn't from bad form. 

Still don't know exactly what is going on but basically I don't have enough muscles to hold up my head and back. I also have really bad posture while studying and even standing. So the physical therapist has been helping me correct that. I guess now that I am 24 yrs old, my body just isn't as resilient as it used to be!

A few weeks ago, I was relaxing and my arms fell asleep. My right arm took several hours before I was able to move it again. It was completely numb. It took days before I was able to get the coordination in it. Now my right thumb and top part of my right arm is numb. I pinched a nerve or something in either my neck or back which affects my right arm. I lost a lot of strength in it and I'm working hard to build it back up to match my left arm's strength.

The last few weeks I've been focusing on strength training and now I have learned the importance of strength training in combination with my yoga practise!

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