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2017-07-20 15:15

Practising Ashtanga Yoga With Shoulder Pain/Injury

According to my chiropractor and physical therapist I've completely messed up the right side of my body;  neck, shoulder, collarbone, back and hips are much lower than the left side of my body. Confused The physical therapist said it feels like I have been in a car crash. I said well yeah although I haven't,  it definitely feels like I've been in one. 

I've literally been in so much pain but still wanting to practise yoga. My physical therapist said to continue with Ashtanga a couples times a week but put more focus on mindfulness yoga instead. 

I don't know the cause of my misalignment and pain, all I know is that migraines are related to the flare ups and because I am right handed I carry my school bag, etc on my right shoulder. She said a backpack should be better. 

Anyway, I've been researching ways to practise Ashtanga without doing more harm to my shoulder and neck. 

Here is one article, PRACTICING Ashtanga YOGA WITH SHOULDER PAIN (OR INJURY) by yoga teacher Monica Stone, that I have found really helpful. Please share if you have any experience with shoulder or neck modifications!

2017-07-20 17:20

Yes, definitely use a backpack instead. There are millions of models and surely one that fit your needs.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2017-07-20 17:32

I'm sure there are! For now I'm using my day hiking backpack for grocery shopping and stuff. I'll get a school backpack when school starts up again. Winking

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