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2017-07-09 21:09

How Is Your Yoga Practise Going?

I'm wondering if you have practised any yoga this week, not at all, or perhaps never? 🙂

Have you barely been making it to your mat lately?

Are you struggling with an injury?

Or have you had a break through and finally achieved a pose that you've never thought was possible?

2017-07-09 21:14

I've recently had two recent break throughs. Ive been able to actually do and balance a headstand and I've almost made it through the primary series. 

I have also been having a hard time making it to my mat and actually staying on my mat for a full practise. I try to go outside in the nice weather to practise so that I talk myself into it. Laughing out loud

2017-07-10 04:52

It is to late.
The work with the garden and the houses will give me enough exercise.

My website: American version
Min hemsida: Svensk version

2017-07-10 09:07

That works too Winking

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