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2017-06-13 13:21

Yoga with Cats

The New York Times recently posted an article, "Yoga with Cats" about a new cat cafe in New York called Meow Parlour. 

Jennifer Kingson writes that, "They yowl. They attack ponytails. They scamper urgently across the room in pursuit of things we cannot see. And yet, cats are a strangely relaxing presence during yoga class."

The cats even fall asleep on people's chests during savasana. 

Ingrid King, a cat blogger, says that cats are “a perfect match to yoga.”

In San Francisco,  KitTea Cat Café offers Cats on Mats class too! 

I think Stockholm needs a cat cafe and one that offers yoga classes. 

What do you think?

I'm not sure how much concentration I could hold on the yoga practice, but it would be fun and probably relaxing. My cats love to sit on my mat and climb on my back while I practise. I normally have to close the door so they don't distract me.

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