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2017-06-07 22:02

Summer Yoga Challenge!

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12 Week Summer Yoga Challenge!

I thought it would be fun to set a yoga goal for myself! 

I have never done this before, but often yoga studios set up monthly challenges for people to do, such as yoga 30 days straight, or to see who can get 100 yoga classes done first.

My personal goal this summer is to strengthen my Ashtanga yoga practice from 3-4 days a week to the traditional Ashtanga yoga practice which is 6 days a week! I've been practising yoga for some time now so this shouldn't be too difficult for me physically anyway. It's going to be more of a mental challenge for myself. 

My challenge starts today until September 1stWin

I would like to hear if you have ever set a fitness, or mental challenge for yourself?

If you don't practice yoga, but would like to participate, just make any sort of modifications to your personal goal this summer. 

Here's a suggestion: 

I challenge you to practice meditation for 12 weeks (or however long you feel comfortable with) even one week is great too! Something you could do it 5 minutes everyday for the 1st week, 7 minutes the 2nd week, 9 minutes the 3rd, 11 minutes the 4th,  and so on until you reach 28 or 30 minutes a day. There is an app I use called Insight Timer which has all sorts of guided meditations.  

Tell me about some of your past, current, or new personal challenges!

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